I feel incredibly grateful to have experienced Yoni Mapping session with Sonia. She created a safe space and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I felt seen and respected throughout the session and Sonia’s wealth of knowledge and sensitivity helped me relax and release.

The Yoni Mapping itself is a life-changing experience. When I left the treatment, I felt like I had lived for 48 years not really knowing my body and what sensations were available to me. I was guided by Sonia to gently release any tensions and past traumas and to make space for more pleasure and self-acceptance. The healing that occurred within such a short time was astounding and it became obvious that memories and emotions can store in the body as physical tension and that they prevent us from being fully alive. Sonia’s balanced approach helped me trust the process and allow for the shifts to occur.

It was also refreshing to have an open conversation about women’s health, sexuality, pleasure and sexual boundaries with someone who is so deeply passionate and educated in the field. After the session I felt a deeper knowledge and understanding of my own body and femininity.

I believe every woman needs Yoni mapping therapy whatever her age and I strongly recommend Sonia as a skilled, loving and friendly practitioner.