Metamorphosis is a gentle stimulation of the inside of the instep.

The term metamorphosis literally means transformation. It refers to life patterns to be transformed. Just as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, so far hidden abilities are fully developed in man. Therefore, the butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis.


With its approach, the method develops consciousness, removes negative mental structures and life patterns that were formed during the nine months (in the so-called prenatal period), when the embryo was growing in the mother’s body. However, these are life patterns that, created thanks to experience in the mother’s body, are passed on in the family. Formulas can, however, be passed on to a child from both the mother’s and the father’s side. It prevents the full development and harmonious flow of energy available to a person.
For the client, the foot massage represents liberation from his past by clearly recognizing negative influences and life patterns from his embryonic period, which can, of course, be changed. Limited structures that oppose the development of spiritual potential (which is unlimited in all people) disappear and light and space enter. Unlike the generally known reflex foot massage, this is not an organic plane, but a plane of mental patterns.

Healing benefits

The method releases mental, emotional and physical blocks, fears, stress and depression.
It transforms dysfunctional attitudes and supports vital energy, the ability to adapt to changes and the manifestation of personal potential and talents.


60min       NZ$150