Cuddle Therapy

‘Cuddle Therapy’ is a wholistic healing modality based on some of the most fundamental biological principals related to a human being’s physical and mental-emotional health.

Human Biology has conditioned us to be physically connected with one another on a regular and ongoing basis – to maintain a healthy body, to release tension and to bond.

Unmet needs of human connection in babies and children can lead to increased feelings of guilt & shame when asking for connection with others. This is because children unconsciously believe that the lack of presence from their parents is being caused by their very own inadequacy in themselves. This state of being can long-term affect many relationships with our loved ones, our colleagues and our relationship with the greater world around us.

‘Cuddle Therapy’ offers not only the opportunity for safe and non-sexual connection – and is so powerful in its very own way. Why? Because this modality re-organizes the nervous system, so that the receiver experiences a heightened sense of self and the desire and initiation to seek more physical touch with other humans afterwards.

Before a session, the client is invited to first explore their current life circumstances and then, at the beginning of the treatment, to consider an intention or outcome for a particular area of wanted improvement.

The inner revelations and intentions do not have to be shared with the practitioner. The client can process these internally.  The duration of the ‘cuddling’ portion of the session is 60-90minutes – with a 30minutes integration afterward.

Healing benefits of ‘Cuddle Therapy’

  • Accessing & processing the causes of distress and unwanted memories
  • Creating a feeling of safety and acceptance
  • Offering hope and renewed trust in oneself
  • Stronger connection to the world around us
  • Release of any major trauma in life
  • Peace and relief from current life circumstances
  • Eliminates a sense of loneliness and disconnect
  • Creating a willpower to making important life changes

Who benefits from ‘Cuddle Therapy’?

  • A Human Being who has lost purpose after life changes
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder patients
  • Physically ill people
  • Existing struggles around human connection
  • Disempowered and emotionally abused individuals
  • Helpless and feeling loss of strength & courage
  • Sexually abused individuals seeking healing from the past

How does a ‘Cuddle Therapy’ session looks like?

Each session will be unique. Depending on the needs of the client and the energy being brought into each new treatment.

It starts with a personal conversation and any of the client’s questions will be answered. There will be an invitation to look inside and to scan what is disturbing in one’s life right – and what deeper emotions want to come up for healing past experiences.

An intention for each session is very helpful and supportive in the greater process. Any intentions can verbalised or not.

The main part of the treatment is being held by the practitioner. The practitioner will lay down and make sure that the client is as comfortable as possible. There is the invitation to put the client’s head over the practitioner’s heart, so the client can hear the healer’s heartbeat. It is very important to understand that this is a non-sexual therapy, working with a ‘parent-like’ energy. Any deeper and unexpected emotions coming up during the session are welcome and very beneficial.

This individual process is allowing the body to shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system, which will automatically begin to calm the client down once connection with the practitioner is established. In this state the nervous system can begin to shift the energy in the body – with an effect to relax, heal, reset, and attune to the reality that human connection is awesome, available and safe.


2-3h  NZ$250