Programs for Women

“Embrace Your Body“

 Feminine Empowerment Program

This concept and program guide any woman uniquely to start loving herself from inside out. It is a very personal experience and will develop in every session as wanted and needed, depending on the readiness and requests each woman has. This way you will enjoy yourself and feel more comfortable in your skin.


3 session        60min         NZ$500 
3 session        90min         NZ$650


“Sacred Touch” Massage

This is a whole-body massage that helps you to keep women young and will fill your body with a joyful energy. You will get in touch with your full feminine potential, your feminine nature, sensuality, pleasure, and your ability to be ecstatic! It is a deep relaxing ritual, based on an ancient tradition of Tantric massage. The effects on and in your body and soul can be felt for a long time after completion of this experience! An intimate component to the massage can be included at your request.


60 min            NZ$150         

90 min            NZ$220         


Scar Tissue Massage

30-60min       NZ$120


The method releases mental, emotional and physical blocks, fears, stress and depression.
It transforms dysfunctional attitudes and supports vital energy, the ability to adapt to changes and the manifestation of personal potential and talents.

60 min            NZ$150         


Breast Massage

Many women have a very uneasy relationship with their breasts. As the world goes through a challenging time with lots of pressure experienced for many, this type of massage helps women us to connect with our feelings and unfulfilled emotional. This technique activates and opens your heart and helps you to relax and connect with your softer more feminine energy.


60 min            NZ$120


Vulva Mapping

“Vulva Mapping” (Yoni Mapping) requires a minimum of 3 sessions with no more than 30 days apart from each other.

Each session is 1.5 to 3 hrs plus a follow-up phone call between each of the sessions


3-Session Package    NZ$850

5-Session Package     NZ$1100

Full Follow-up Session NZ$300