Born in the Czech Republic, Sonja started exploring traditional Tantric Healing methods from age 18. Her personal journey explored many different healing modalities, but she has always returned to the Tantric path, because it has proved to be so profoundly transformative. Sonja has continued to study Tantric healing over the last 19 years and received her full Tantric Bodywork certification from the European Academy of Somatic Education (EASE).

In 2019 Sonja also received certification in Attunement Therapy. This is a form of somatic healing that releases emotional, psychological and physical trauma & stress through deep relaxation and gentle (non-sexual) physical contact.

Sonja’s personal journey has been one of healing her own sexual, emotional and physical conditioning to discover the techniques she now offers to others. In this way, her work is grounded in compassion and direct life experience helping her to hold space with love, respect and impeccable boundaries.

What is Tantric Healing?  

“Tantra” is different for everyone, but the word has its roots in traditional yogic lineages from India. In the contemporary Tantric Healing that Sonja practices, it is about working to align body mind and spirit by engaging consciously with sexual energy. And no, ‘sexual energy’ is not always about sex.

Sexual energy is the force that creates and sustains life. When we consciously engage with this using breath, movement, sound, touch and meditation, we can generate powerful transformation and healing on all levels.

Tantric practices were originally geared towards self-realisation and spiritual awakening. The power within these techniques however can at times and knowingly has been misused. For these reasons the word ‘Tantra’ and the associated teachings have been in various occasions pushed underground – and therefore received a bad reputation.

For these reasons it’s very important that anyone offering Tantric practices to others, has completed extensive self-study, and healing & training with qualified tantric-somatic teachers. The contemporary Tantric Bodywork that Sonja offers, is anchored in many years of personal study with clear professional ethics.

Who benefits Sonja’s work?

Sonja works with women or couples wanting to bring healing, vitality and understanding to their personal life and their relationships.

Tantric Healing may benefit individuals who have suffered with sexual negative imprints or are experiencing sexual dysfunction such as post-traumatic stress-disorder (PTSD), genital numbness, reproductive pain, lack of arousal, premature ejaculation, post birth, post-partum trauma, fear of sex, sexual shame, guilt or lack of erotic flow within partnerships.  

This work is also for anyone, who simply wishes to bring more depth and pleasure to their intimate life and to those who wish to explore the possibilities of sacred sexual energy for personal transformation and spiritual connection.

Ultimately – Sonja holds the vision & compassion, that her clients are through these processes she offers positively and creatively touched in all areas of their lives.