Feminine Empowerment Program

This concept and personal program guide any woman uniquely to start loving herself from inside out. It is a very personal experience and will develop in every session as wanted and needed, depending on the readiness and requests each woman has. This way you will enjoy yourself and feel more comfortable in your skin.


  • You develop comfort within your body accepting the way it is
  • You connect deeper whit your inner feminine self
  • Raising clarity about your boundaries
  • You will be more relaxed and feel more authentic in your intimate life
  • The release of any unwanted and unnecessary self-image issues

Important for you is to know, where you are at right now at the beginning of your discovery journey. In this healing process you will find out your way to enjoy your body and your very own self. Because every one of us is unique and in a different place in our lives, I like to find out what’s works best way for you.  I will give you some tools home to practice ‘self-care’.

There are different ways of progressing through the program. For some women we will work just with your physical body – and for others, we will work also using internal exercises like meditation and asking for forgiveness. Like always in my work – my clients are in charge – and you will know what is best for you to feel empowered.

Between each session we will communicate about your progress and requirements on the phone. The length of your total program is entirely chosen by yourself. The success of your experience overall will be positively influenced by your full commitment to “embrace your body’ from inside out.


3 session        60min             NZ$500

3 session        90min             NZ$650


“Sacred Touch” Massage

This is a whole-body massage that helps to keep you young and fills your body with a joyful energy. You will get in touch with your full feminine potential, your feminine nature, sensuality, pleasure, and your ability to be ecstatic! It is a deep relaxing ritual, based on an ancient tradition of Tantric massage. The effects on you – and on your body and soul can be felt for a long time after the completion of this experience! An intimate component to the massage can be included at your request.


  • Fills your cup of loving touch’ just for you’
  • Opens your heart and Soul
  • Explore your body and what you like
  • Enjoinment of pleasure with clear boundaries
  • Deep relaxation and stress release


60 min            NZ$150         

90 min            NZ$220         


Breast Massage

Many women have a very uneasy and constricted relationship with their breasts. As the world goes through a challenging time with lots of pressure experienced for many, this type of massage helps us women to connect with our feelings and unfulfilled emotional parts. This technique activates and opens your heart – and helps you to relax and connect with your softer more feminine energy.


  • Feel very nurtured and relaxed
  • Softening your emotions and opens your heart
  • Growing feeling of Self-Love and Connection to oneself
  • Release of any self-image
  • Learning to love your body


60 min            NZ$120